Boat Hire Rules

In particular, I acknowledge that I must:

  • Comply with the Salcombe Harbour Byelaws 1994 (a copy of which is available on request).
  • Ensure that I have the kill cord correctly attached while operating the boat.
  • Ensure that I correctly wear a life jacket as instructed at all times during the hire period and I must make sure that any passengers do the same.
  • Only operate the boat in a suitable environment, in a proper manner, and in accordance with any instructions provided to me.
  • Obey instructions limiting the area and time in which I can operate the boat during adverse weather.

In particular, I acknowledge that I must not:

  • Operate the boat under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Smoke or allow others to smoke while on board the boat.
  • Alter the boat, remove components or otherwise interfere with the boat.
  • Do anything which could invalidate any insurance policy relating to the boat.
  • Allow more people on to the boat than it is licensed to carry.
  • Pilot, land or anchor the boat beyond the area that I have been instructed to operate it in.
  • I acknowledge in particular that I must not anchor or land the boat off Sunny Cove or North Sands and I must not land or use ferry slipways in Salcombe or East Portlemouth.
  • Jump or allow others to jump from the boat into the water unless the boat is anchored safely near a beach with the engine turned off.
  • Exceed a speed of 6 knots.
  • Use the boat for any unlawful purpose.
  • Drive the boat outside of the business hours of Whitestrand Boat Hire.
  • Be late in returning the boat at the end of the hire period.
  • I acknowledge that a £50 late fee may be charged if I return the boat late.
  • Tow any object or person with the boat.